Comment: $1.5 Trillion on Fighter Jets????

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$1.5 Trillion on Fighter Jets????

What is going on??? How are they authorized to spend $1.5 Trillion on these fighter jets? How on Earth could this be rationalized?? We need to make people aware of these ridiculous spending blunders and take charge. Wow.

Clip from RP's article above...

"...In fact, the entire $1.2 trillion dollars that the sequester is supposed to save could be realized by cutting one unneeded, wasteful boondoggle: the $1.5 trillion F-35 fighter program. The F-35, billed as the next generation all-purpose military fighter and bomber, has been an unmitigated disaster. Its performances in recent tests have been so bad that the Pentagon has been forced to dumb-down the criteria. It is overweight, overpriced, and unwieldy. It is also an anachronism: we no longer face the real prospect of air-to-air combat in this era of 4th generation warfare. The World War II mid-air dogfight era is long over."