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Just to let you know

I used to hold the same view as you do. Not necessarily in a national sales tax, but that sales tax was valid for the purpose of protection. I'm not telling you this as a way of saying that I made the leap so you must do the same, but just to let you know I understand what your argument is.

Think for a moment though about the service that your taxes are paying for. Has the government used this money effectively to protect your rights? It certainly doesn't appear to be the case. Instead, the fact that it holds a monopoly over the use of force has attracted those who want to abuse that power. You're left trying to work through a corrupt system to try to fix the corruption. You aren't given the option to go to a competing agency or opt out and assert your right to protect yourself.

You may say, "Well, you can always move to another country." But why should I have to? Why does the government have authority over me? Why must I submit to the collective idea of a "nation" with arbitrary borders. If our natural right is for every person to live their life as they see fit, which presupposes that no man may do harm to another, then no man, or group of men, can claim to have authority over another.

I had to come to accept that there are no guarantees in this life that my right to life and liberty will be protected. That was a very difficult thing to accept, but once I did I understood how the government itself is an affront to my liberty.

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