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He's right

Most of us are underestimating what we can do, just with the internet as a research tool.

On a related note~ I know PLENTY of stories of patients who went to specialist after specialist seeking a diagnosis, only to find the answer for themselves via the internet. Sometimes, they were repeatedly given a wrong diagnosis by highly reputable specialists, and only when they did their own research and SUGGESTED to the doctors what the problem probably was did they make any headway.

And the same goes for seeking "alternative" cures on the internet. Granted you have to take the research seriously but never underestimate what you can find. I have overcome one "incurable" health problem just by using Google to find someone who cured themselves of the problem and wrote a book about her methods. I bought her book, did what she did, and am likewise cured.

Doctors can scoff all they want but I'm not bound to move up the learning curve at a snail's pace, making sure each approach is Medical Journal approved, just because they do it that way.