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Comment: Cause or symptom?

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Cause or symptom?

"I think that the use of contraception and baby formula were used to liberate women from being barefoot and pregnant. I also think that it undermined society and family life as a whole."

If power is not made scarce then a mom can be one, but if power is so scarce another mouth to feed is unaffordable.

In the Gatto History Lessons I thought that this was made clear with the decision to double the supply of labor, by Legal Criminals (who may call themselves State Capitalists, or any label that hides their crimes), and they did so by Mass Marketing the idea of hiring women to work, and that dumps so many workers on an already well managed labor market, managed into a scarcity of jobs, on purpose, by making the ONE MONEY scarce, and the result, according to Gatto, was the break up of so many families, and that bit about "up for adoption", where kids are basically given away, or auctioned off, at railroad stops.

The cause again: Monopoly Money Power.

Who can afford to have one wage earner? What possible cause is there for an incapacity to earn an independent living at a reasonable standard of living, and a reasonable cost of living?

Natural causes?

Men are bad?

Yes, of course, men are bad, and therefore we need to give all the power to make money make money for one group, so that they, being the only good ones, can tell us what to do, when to do it, and how much our standard of living is, and how much our cost of living is, based upon their exclusive power to add or subtract money.

Ron Paul often pointed to a need to understand the Business Cycle.

Monopoly Money Power turns what may be a natural boom and bust rhythm into feasting on famine for honest people and feasting on honest people for the crooks with badges.

"I look at the Amish."

I see independence, not dependence upon abject belief in falsehood without question i.e. One Legal Money Monopoly Power.

The Amish are measurable as competitors to the single omnipotent State Power.

Mormons were similar, and there was once an order by a Governor to Kill All Mormons. The Amish know how better to minimize their competitive advantages as far as those advantages may threaten the omnipotent State Power, being independent but not stepping on too many toes?

A woman can afford to have babies, how unnatural is that, they must be weird? <------poor attempt at humor.

I have a daughter who is in no position to afford a baby, and neither is her boyfriend, and her Dad is not fond of the medium of legal exchange. The brave new world for us is unaffordable and precariously close to dumpster diving on the whim of the Central Bankers. How weird is it, for someone born outside of a close nit family oriented community to be able to even think about reproducing, and into what will this new baby be born, from the eyes of a young couple? I can ask, for a more accurate current viewpoint, but my children are close, and they are not eager to reproduce.

How is that not clearly unnatural?

The cause?

Men are bad?

Don't even consider the intended consequences of purchases and investments made by the Single Money Power which include growing multitudes of lies and other very effective weapons of mass destruction?

"I think women were sold a lie. If we were created as natural care-givers and then that was taken from us to “free” us to go into the workforce to whose advantage is that? I saw a post were you were speaking with someone about 2 laborers for every employer or 2 employers for every laborer. Just what happened when the workforce doubled? Families can no longer make it comfortably on a single income. Why?"

All surplus wealth is transferred from those who create it to those who steal it and use the stolen loot to steal more, and that is the truth, supported by documented facts.

If that is not true it can be demonstrated as not true, in the face of all the accurately measurable evidence proving that it is true, and has been true in American since at least 1788.

"If children are a reward from the Lord, who would want to steel that reward?"

When the targets grow to be too powerful, exterminate the lot of them, but leave enough left to clean the toilets. It is called by various important sounding names, but the bodies pile up under any false label.

"I think the Catholic church has contraception right. It is unfortunate that Protestants in their liberation have figured out how to short cut the size family."

So Mike my cousin asked why I now speak of these thing when I did not in the past; well the Elephant is in the room, and I see it, and I don't see the need to point at it all the time, but here is a case in point.

We see smaller families, even depopulation, at least I see it, and to me you have to make an effort to run to one side or the other of the HUGE Elephant (Legal Money Monopoly Power) stomping all the kids into pulp, to eventually find fault with some people you call Protestants.

So, I sit there, watch you run around looking for those Protestants behind the Elephant, and what good is it for me to repeat the same thing over, and over, and over again?

The goal is destruction, they must destroy competition in all forms, competition cannot exist for a monopoly power to exist. What is the cause of smaller families?



Now you tell me the Lord goes around slaughtering people. I may spend some time trying to understand that, but I prefer to focus attention on current things having to do with learning to know better.

Ok, I'll take a crack at it, a challenge, so the death sentence was handed out for the crime of rubbing God the wrong way? Failure to reproduce on command is a capital crime?

God now has a lot of work to do in that regard, failure to comply, or those orders are given out sparingly, and there are no exceptions to the rule when orders are not followed without question?

You there, I want a baby by July; times a wastin'.

Does anyone have any blue pills, the pressure in cramping my style.

"Anything outside of marriage is sin."

Anything outside of marriage is outside of marriage, and the list of sins is either going to cost the sinner or somehow the sinner will find a way to pass on those costs. I prefer to pay my own costs, I learn faster.

"Scripture is no one’s private interpretation or opinion. Scripture is to by studied and scripture is to be used to interpret scripture."

People have been known to sin.

"If 35% of the people in my neighborhood decide to make meth and/or use it, then the makeup of my neighborhood will have that as a characteristic which will include all of the death, blown up houses, burned up people, abused children and ruined lives that making and using meth leaves in the wake."

And the consequences of providing the means by which we suffer, earning enough to survive and giving up the rest to the few criminals, so that they monopolize the drug trade, crush the competition, or incorporate the locals in a neighborhood near you, the Elephant in the room again, is run around, ignored, looked past with much effort, and then those consequences are in view, and we can both call them names. We call them tweekers, and they have a fondness for copper.

Opportunity A, and opportunity B, I think it is called the lesser of two evils, and that is a scarce supply of good options for some mysterious reason; oh, and there is that Elephant still in the room by the way.

"Maybe you could listen to this:"

And am I going to learn how better to run around the Elephant to find victims to blame, so as to reach a conclusion that all men are bad, and therefore we all deserve to rot in hell or by some miracle some of us are invited to believe in the words written in those books, and do so without question?

I'll look, listen, and see if that information finally allows me to believe and then I may know better too.

"Nevertheless we , according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness."

I can't take any credit for helping anyone get on the list, but for my own viewpoint it is good for me to hear that life will survive in some form - if not mine.

If I report to you that most of the people I meet are basically good, that does not mean that I am reporting that people are gods.

I can be very specific as to what I mean by good, and I can repeat as many times as needed that I do not mean that good means godly.

I did not say that many people I meet are basically gods in human form.

"So then, when we look at those that do evil among us is it the pot calling the kettle black?"

Yes we have spoken about this and your belief is not mine, so as far as I know, according to what I think you report to me, I don't get a ticket to heaven, I get the ticket to hell. That is fine, as it should be, unless I'm saved - perhaps. I don't know the whole story.

I do know that most of the people I meet do not torture people and mass murder people, and that is bad, specifically bad, measurable as injury to the victims by the criminals.

If there is a torturer, I can call that torture Black.

If there is a mass murderer, I can call that mass murderer Kettle.

If there are these people I meet, and none of them are torturing, and none of them are mass murdering, then they are not Black nor Kettle precisely according to those definitions. I did not say, nor do I claim, that most people are godly.

"There is none among the human race, save Jesus Christ, who can go to heaven on their own merit."

I'm not so sure, I don't get the memos, and you have said yourself that you are incapable of knowing the whole truth as you too are not God. There may be fine print that was not told to the sinners, at least I think it is possible.

I don't know, perhaps Jesus had a sister, or will have one. Is it possible that one of the books have yet to be discovered?

"Yes, Joe, there is evil afoot and some of it is supernatural. But anyone who is not born of God belongs to the devil."

I see a need to know better, but much of that spiritual knowledge appears to be contradictory to me, and I can be simply confused, like trying to read Chomsky On Language, it goes over my head. Meanwhile, to me, there is that Elephant in the room and if more of us stop feeding it, it might leave the room looking for greener pastures.