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I could never be an antisemite. But, the Semites include all of the Jews and other people,all of the same race, that occupied the Middle East for centuries. Being antisemitic has to be all inclusive. Jesus was not white or Anglo or whatever you want to call Him. He was one of many Semites, of Jewish descent. Any time a person hates on the Jews, they, either, ignorantly or profanely, are treating the only reason for Christianity, badly. Sad thing, some of the other Semites want to "kill all the infidels". They are the group that deserves our prayers and close attention. Not the Jews. If I want to hear stuff like that I will just go read Hitler's speeches! It is the way his politicians shifted the blame and enamored all the Germans, making them believe the Nazis were their saviors. I plan on watching all "groups" closely. Mob mentality can have grave results. I hope to avoid my grave as long as possible! "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"! Jew bashing is hypocritical, if being carried on by "Christians"!

If I see such a post, here, I just don't click on it. I can see enough hypocrites in my own home town, who run around crying out their dedication to Jesus, while condemning the people in need as "takers" or sinners(which we all are)! I, like Paul of the Bible, have been rich and poor. It really made no difference in my, true character and should not in others. Soon, it may depend on whether you have relatives in law enforcement to save you from the FEMA camps!