Comment: I've already commented twice

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I've already commented twice

I've already commented twice on this forum. No doubt my comment will be buried, as usual. There is no chronology with the comments to return debate with responders. Judging from the majority of comments, the Canadian psyche is already brainwashed. There does not seem to be the intellectual tolerance that once was expected in a political discourse. Canada is deeply indoctrinated with the Socialist's mantra...bought and paid for. However having said that please don't forget that the Globe and Mail is a controlled establishment msm.. Rural Canadians are fighting the brave fight against wind turbines, confiscation of raw milk and farms, corrupt governments, a decline in our health care and our education system, and property values. Foreigners have been buying up our properties (a lot of waterfront) site unseen for decades. The new reallocation of peoples are foreign students...a lucrative business. Canada is the forerunner of what is being forced on U.S.