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As in loan payments? In that case, it looks a lot like we are doing, today. I mean, people were tricked into, or thought they were tricking the bankers into, giving them loans that they could not afford, when then payment went up. I saw a few of these, offered to me, back in the 90's. I refused to get into a loan that I could not afford, if my chickens did not hatch and line up like I expected. I could not tell the future, so I had enough common sense to know these guys were going to screw people! All done legally!

That did not make me think much of the lawyers, either! But, it is more than the Jews cheating us, here in the US. It is our "friends and neighbors"!! Don't ignore that fact!

We have developed a corporatist form of government. It lives on stealing interest money, from others. The insurance companies are just as bad. People don't know where their money is. I got paid back in the early 2000s when Prudential had to settle a class action law suit for cheating us insurance plan owners, not keeping their promises about how we would have no insurance payments after seven years. THEY LIED, TOO!!