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Point me towards where you asked me that

"You have yet to answer, why you are a Constitutionalist when adherence to the Constitution won't grant you the ability to control the behavior of the people"

(Point me towards where you asked me that since you wanted to bring up "the record". It might even be there... I haven't read all your comments, because I've yet to find one worth reading.)

Oh really? The Constitution now says there can be no law, or law enforcement? Point me towards that enumerated power. If that's true, why did they write the Constitution? What would it create, what powers would it define? IF what you say is true, it would be pointless right? There would be no government and nobody writing or enforcing the law, but there is. You just don't like that fact. You oppose all the principles any law would be used to defend, including liberty.

It's not that you LIKE rapists, slavers, and murderers. You just don't like anybody doing anything to stop them.

"How are you guys going to get a system of corrupt individuals to help you end the corruption?"

I could ask you the same thing? Why do you think it's only a few corrupt individuals? It's the people begging them for corruption and injustice as well.

Your solution is to remove the constraints they face, while I know any solutions to THAT problem needs to start at the bottom and go all the way to top. You need to win from the bottom up. You can only lead people as a corrupt thief, slaver, and butcher when what the people want is plunder, slaves, an butchery.

Why do people take each others liberty?

Why do they beg Obama for plunder?

Why will a free market of violence be used to take peoples liberty just as easily as any government? (it'll be even easier)

Why do people want slaves?

Why do they butcher each other?

Because they have a covetous nature, and I've been talking about it for so long that sometimes I make MYSELF sick, and know I should just give up. I sound like a fricken recording, but when nobody is left talking about it, any chance to overcome your question disappears.

You, as a nihilist, are worthless in answering that question or understanding the problem. Pretending you can get rid of injustice and corruption by throwing out your leaders in simplistic. They're leaders for a reason. Like I've said many times; Anarchists are victims of causality. They don't know what it is that causes injustice, and try to blame injustice on government and a few corrupt leaders, but if what the people want is to use collective force to serve injustice, that's what they're going to get. Justice will be served.

Getting rid of the government won't get rid of our covetous nature. It won't get rid of collective force. It won't get rid of people forming collectives. It won't get rid of corrupt leaders. It won't get rid injustice. It will simply unleash all of that in a free market of violence, selling violence to the most covetous and greedy, while you sit on your hands, turning a blind eye, and enjoying what you've created.

"I read your diatribe and shockingly there were no answers in there. What should I expect from a Statist."

Now, I've answered questions, and proved you a liar who has yet to answer a single of mine, and there's a reason for that; YOU CAN'T.

All you can do is what Anarchists do, blather on, peppering their verbal vomit with "statist", "idiot", "sheep", and "retard".

You need to be on your best behavior here, true, because you're trying to peddle influence, but most people have read enough AnBard rants to know how they REALLY feel about people AND he who has dominion over them.