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Understood and My Comment Was...

...not specifically directed at you. I hope you understand that.

It was a general comment on the specific issue of the 'young people' that Ron Paul has placed so much of people's attention on.

It would also pay to remind oneself that people who truly believe in Liberty and constitutionally-limited government were and are scant few.....even in this supposed liberty-movement which is represented on the DP.

I hear it all the time, 'energized young people', 'awake young people', 'college kids' and on and on and on....

It has kind of taken on a life of its own and it seems many are either unaware of or forgetting that this battle is age-old and many of our long-departed, currently aged and the middle-aged, have been committed, educated, awake and engaged for many years.

Comparative to the founding of the Republic so long ago, we here today are mere shadows of those men who were so committed and had such liberty-driven purpose and focus.

I do get the whole 'future generation' thingy and the need to wake up new people to continue, however.

A pet peeve only.