Comment: Goldspan, madness is not becoming

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Goldspan, madness is not becoming

What about the enumerated powers doctrine and the Bill of Rights? Specifically the tenth amendment. If enforced as intended, we would have a limited central government and considerable autonomy for states and individuals within the states. And let's not forget that the Revolution was fought against the king AND his private sector cronies, i.e., the British East Indies Company. That's why the framers limited the power of private companies/corporations.

After the Revolution, corporations remained small institutions chartered at the state level for specific purposes. By law, corporations could not make political contributions, could not own stock in other companies, were required to serve the public interest, and could only exist for a limited time. Owners were responsible for crinminal acts committed by the corporation and the doctrine of limited liability (shielding investors from responsibility for harm and loss caused by the corporation) did not yet exist.

For more on this subject check out the pdf "Knowledge is Power" (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)