Comment: You certainly are an idiot.

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You certainly are an idiot.

You certainly are an idiot. Since there is no authority granted to the federal government in the Constitution to do what you want it to do, the federal government is not authorized to do it. Is that clear. There is no place in the Constitution which charges the Federal government to setup a police force; so guess what; the federal government doesn't have the authority to have a national police force -this would include FBI, DHS, DEA, ATF, etc.

If the entire people in one congressional district were corrupt, they would vote for a corrupt Congressperson. If there was no such occupation, then what would they do? No matter what they did, it wouldn't have the power that the Congressperson has over millions of people. The mob which you are deathly afraid of, only have a limite range of influence; but government officials influence the lives of all of us. It is easier to get a corrupt politicial to hand you other people's money. Try getting the mob to do that; even if they wanted to, the people -at least some- would make it not worth the effort.

You keep saying that a free market will make it easier to take peoples rights and enslave everybody with one giant mob. Two things: (1)You never elaborate on this -you just decree it. I'm sorry but if I would even entertain such a frivolous idea, I would at least need some elaboration. (2)You've never answered why it what you assert is true, is it that those areas with limited or no government aren't taken over by huge corporations with their mercenaries? The only people who do such nonsense are government and that is because they got an infinite source of money and it doesn't matter if they waste it. The people will always pay their taxes like good sheep and the government could always pass any debt on to future generations. Companies cannot do things like that, and that is why companies don't hire mercenaries to take over countries or land areas with limited or no government.

I'm sorry you are incapable of thought outside of your fear of freedom; it is sad.