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As I see it, the third point you make is unfortunately the other way around. All Political Zionists who hold office in the US are absolutely obedient to the Israeli lobbies and support anything that the Zionist regime in Israel decides to do. If they didn't throw their support in for Israel, they would loose campaign funding and wouldn't have as great of a chance getting elected. Political Zionists support imperialist Israeli actions which includes genocide against Palestinians and false flags like 9/11; both used to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of non-Jewsish peoples. The whole Bush Jr. administration was comprised of political Zionists and there are still many prominent players in or connected with the Obama administration like Rahm Emanuel who pass down the orders from the Zionist elites in Israel.

With respect to non-Jewish Semite treatment of Jews prior to the occupation of the Holy Land, it is not comparable to the estimated 1.5million plus people who have been killed by the hands of Israelis since 1948. I am aware of a couple isolated incidents prior to the occupation in which jews were killed by non-Jewish Semites, however the death numbers were less than 100 or so people as I remember.

Regarding the UN's position on Palestine, currently Palestine is only an observer member of the UN. That means they cannot cast votes, they are only allowed to attend the assemblies; so their role is compromised. I would also like to point out that it is the Fatah government of the West Bank that the UN is appearing to garner support for; not the Hamas military-style government in the Gaza Strip. Perhaps there is a reason for the UN's backing of the Fatah. I would suggest there is, and I would suggest that reason is two-fold:
1) to create the false appearance that the international community recognizes Palestine and its right to have a voice
2) to infiltrate and otherwise subvert or suppress the Palestinian population in the West Bank in favor of Israel