Comment: Sure. NYC and DC vs. the rest!

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Sure. NYC and DC vs. the rest!

But seriouslyl, I don't see the country as divided as most do. I see different groups trying to get to the same place from different paths. Pretty much everyone wants the same end results. They just have different ideas of how that can happen. What we have to do is coalesce those onto the same solution.

I'm 100% convinced that if we solved the money issue, ALL the rest of the problems would go away.

A richer middle class would never blindly cowtow their political leadership to lobbyists. A less struggling poor class would not even compromise that many liberties if they could earn a living from a pool of plentiful jobs. The rich would not be able to wield as much power without light getting shed on their actions. Even welfare recipients would prefer assistance from local charities rather than incompetent government lackeys. Obviously biased media would more easily be exposed and people would not be as tied to the cheapest product so the power of the boycott would regain it's rightful place in society.

We just need to make the free market work again and show by example how that gives the workers back their power to have companies compete for their skills. This is NOT as hard as it sounds, but it does have to start somewhere.