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Comment: Big difference from the meat at the grocery store

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Big difference from the meat at the grocery store

and grass feed beef. The store beef were fed loads of GMO crops, given lots of antibiotics to keep them from dying before slaughter. The poor cow has to live it whole life walking in its own manure. No animal can survive in a feed lot for more than two years they must slaughter them before 3 years of age.

If you continually eat sick animals your going to become as sick as they were. the ruminant was never intended to eat lots of grain. There is a good documentary out called franken beef that explains why they die off.

If you buy two steaks one from a grass fed beef the other from a fed lot, you will understand what is wrong. the fat content in the fed lot beef has a cake texture to it, I think it sticks to the inside of your mouth. The grass fed is a little tougher, has a slight game flavor but the fat is more translucent. It won't plug the arteries like the feed lot beef, can actually lower cholesterol.

I think we humans being a higher thinking beings need to start thinking of how our food was raised or treated humanly. We should all think about not buying from companies that house animals like concentration camps.

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