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Definitely! Thanks for the

Definitely! Thanks for the reminder.

I can't wait for the book.

As to your apprehension about your husband's parents: I can relate. I had some concern about how my wife's parents, among others, would react. To our surprise, everyone was very supportive. In cynical fashion, I expect that many may only have been supportive in a superficial manner, while actually harboring doubts and/or criticism. But even that is more than I expected. However, you may find yourself surprised at how positive the reaction can be.

Even if that's not the case, and others are openly skeptical or disapproving, keep in mind:

As it was with Dr. Paul's influence on many of us on so many issues, when it comes to the issue of education, you can be the epicenter of a paradigm shift of perspective for those in your circle of influence.

"Be the change you wish to see." Or something like that. :-)

But yes, his book should be awesome!