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You see Mark here's the thing

You have all this information at your fingertips but you have NO KNOWLEDGE or ability to think. My “MADNESS” as you call it……. is called “cognitive thought process”. Allow me to introduce you to it.
1. The Constitution was ratified and went into effect on March 4, 1789. Article 1 Section 8 is a list of power that the Congress shall have. These “enumerated powers” are not a list of what they couldn’t do……but is a list of what they could do. The powers not enumerated…. not listed…… went to the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.

2.The Bill of Right were not part of the Constitution……but Amendments….
from Wikipedia The amendments were introduced by James Madison to the 1st United States Congress as a series of legislative articles. They were adopted by the House of Representatives on August 21, 1789,[1][2] formally proposed by joint resolution of Congress on September 25, 1789, and came into effect as Constitutional Amendments on December 15, 1791, through the process of ratification by three-fourths of the States.

So your analysis is flawed and false. The “protections” you love to speak of was not even a consideration in the drafting, discussion or writing of this great piece of paper you have based your whole life around.

The Revolutionary War was not fought for the benefit of the East India Company. The Revolutionary War was fought over the fact that the Whig party of Britain was in control from 1700 to about 1750. They took a laissez faire attitude towards the Colonies and they flourished. Then in 1750’s the French and Indian war broke out here (it was called the seven years’ war in Europe) The King had to send all these troops and supplies to America to protect their own interest. Up until that time the colonies used their own militia and formed assemblies, governors were appointed and taxes (import duties) were paid…….to local government. The colonies used paper money and inflated it until it became worthless. The colonies also tried to pay their import tariff taxes with this worthless paper but it would not be accepted (I mean why would they……ship the worthless paper colonial money to Britain and use it there…..that would be like Iraq sending us their paper money for the “Democracy” we imposed in their country instead of OIL)…….. So anyway the war ends but the King leaves 8000 troops in America to protect their interest….the Whigs lose power and the mercantilists gain the ear of the king and convinces him to leave the troops in America and tax the colonies to pay for the services of protection. (this plan was called the Grand Design) He did this along with all the other things finally listed in the Declaration. He also cut off the settlement of the Ohio Valley in the Proclamation of 1763. This hacked off the Ohio Company that had been formed in Virginia by none other then the Washington family ( oh my god the Washington’s own a company). Well they owned 200,000 acres in Ohio that was worthless unless…….by God we've go to war.( Who do we send.......lets send George.)

You don’t understand the “Narrative” of the history, you only list information that is separated by 20 years, 40years…….230 years but never any understanding of what really happened.

Like I said….You see “cognitive thought process” you are just throwing around “information” and espousing that you have “knowledge”…….when in fact you don’t process the tools for thought and therefore will never have “knowledge” and you will never allow yourself to gain the “wisdom” to know the difference.
I read your “Knowledge is Power”…….and that is a piece of crap too!