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They do!

You can see proof of that in those comments.

I doubt most Texans haven't given Canada or Canadians a much thought at all... at least I can't think of a good reason why they would, and I especially can't think of a good reason to look down on a Texan for not taking it upon himself to learn all about us.

I know far more about your culture that of other Canadians who live on the opposite side of Canada because your culture is well documented in all kinds of entertainment media and theirs isn't. Of course, what's presented in entertainment is often very inaccurate.

Just looking at all the "Mind your own business" and "Go home" comments in that article... these people should be ashamed of themselves. As if 99% of them don't routinely weigh in on American issues on American web sites.

It would be awesome if just for a couple of days a year millions of Americans took to Canadian web sites to discuss Canadian politics.