Comment: Oh no, we have been found out!

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Oh no, we have been found out!

How did someone ind us back here and downvote you and upvote me? I fixed it, but I don't get it. I have been enjoying our hidden in the back conversation lol

Yes, I lurk a lot more than I comment, but lately I have been finding my voice. Thing is, I am non confrontational by nature and for a while I felt like everything I ever posted was replied to in all caps and was usually just a personal insult.

I tried to remain gender less also because well... ya know the double standard about girls talking about politics and economics. I already take enough crap for not knowing a thing about guns (read... I have no desire or intention to ban/regulate anyone elses guns, I just don't have my own and know nothing about them).

I have always thought Russia would be cool. Russian lit was my favorite lit class ever. Those people are bleak yet eloquent.

I will let you know if I can use your help with the misses fundraiser, I would love to continue writing about economics and literature. Two of my loves.

This has been fun... we should hijack another thread a few pages back sometime :)