Comment: I'm surprised that's even on CBC.

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I'm surprised that's even on CBC.

I've never heard them give anything but condemnation for gun owners, and hunters for that matter. I can't stand the CBC anymore. I use to listen mainly because of Quarks and Quarks and the Debaters, but it's becoming more and more apparent that they are just a bunch of globalist propaganda mouths (That realization is partly because of Ron Paul, coincidentally, who they bashed during caucuses and took a sound bite saying "we're dangerous" from a quote pointing out the hypocrisy of pundits saying that "following the constitution means we're dangerous".) Also, their world news just parrots american MSM garbage and they are always pushing for federal intervention in everything. They paint obama as some civil libertarian and an anti war president, love the UN and anything dressed up as "environmental", and are turning into major intervention advocates.