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Don't have much time so I'll say only this:

Those societies you mentioned are not the real deal. If you really want to understand why, watch the entire 'Know Your Enemy' series. Or simply drop in on this to see the truth about the so-called 'Christian world' of the Middle Ages:

Liberty was not at all a product of the Age of Reason. See this:

Note the centrality of God in the founding statement of the Confederates.

Liberty in the modern age was in fact a result of the reformation. The reformation was a rediscovery of the true meaning of Christianity after centuries of enslavement to tyranny. This rediscovery of Christianity resulted in the creation of Liberty-loving societies breaking away from tyranny in: Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, The Dutch Republic, England, Scandinavia and finally in England's Christian colony of North America that became the United States of America.

You're right about the USA. A great example of how an overwhelmingly Christian country birthed a society of great Liberty. And the problems, both economic and political, of that great republic today also stem from a lack of the faith in God that served it so well through its formative years.

On the most basic level, thrift and financial husbandry are Christian values. No-one who was a true Christian would have racked up 15 trillion in debt. Look at Ron Paul! A shining example of the true Christian attitude towards expenditure.

Lehmann Brothers, and the entire crash that followed it, occurred a few days after President Barack Obama announced. "America is no longer a Christian nation."

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.