Comment: The higher up on the food chain

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The higher up on the food chain

The longer it takes to feel the oppression. Myself.... I am "working poor" formerly "middle class". My family and I have felt the oppression for awhile and it is now nearly unbearable. The folks who are still defending the 1% just haven't had that moment yet....the moment where your life comes starkly into focus and you realize you are nothing more than a slave.... and they didn't even have to shackle you. A year ago I would have argued for NO taxation and said that obama was using the 1% to stir up class warfare and encouraged people not to fall for it. Here I am a year later saying eff'em!! Because I had one heartbreaking, eye opening, terrifying moment of clarity. Those with a little more insulation (money) from reality are going to take a little longer to get to my level but if Benny has his will all get there eventually. True story.