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Just telling it like it is

> I would certainly hope people don't assume that.

Sadly, I have to tell you, they do. And not only that, they make shit up and say YOU believe it, and then hold up those made up facts as justification of their moral own superiority.

Here look:

This is the state broadcaster.. oh sorry, public broadcaster, CBC. Only places like China have state broadcasters.

Basically, it's the college liberal meme:

I should make a Canadian meme: Makes fun of Texans for being unable to name the current Prime Minister of Canada... Can't name the prime minister of Norway.

Vigorously debates US domestic policy with Americans on the the internet... highly offended when an American offers his opinion on Canadian policy.

Makes fun of Americans for not knowing where Saskatchewan is... can't even name 40 out of 50 states.

> I'd remind them that Texas has one of the largest cities in the world. Being large has its characteristics, such as being civilized and industrialized.

Quiet you. You're interrupting my feelings superiority! Mind your own business, and go back to cleaning your "assault weapons" and ironing your KKK outfit.