Comment: well I meant Michael as an example only

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well I meant Michael as an example only

My point is that ALL forums of debate like the DP should be fiercely protecting the 1st Amendment and not be used as propaganda machines.

Just because the dp is Michaels personal property doesn't detract from the fact that it is a PUBLIC forum where people congregate to discuss the issues of the day, and a Ron Paul public forum no less. Ron Paul is ALL about free speech, the dp is all about getting Ron's message of freedom out.

Ron Paul would definitely not support Michael changing from the original format of free and open debate, to using his site to silence debate, if you think he would then it is YOU who doesn't know Ron.

Sure Ron would say it was Michaels right as the business owner to do so, but he would never ENDORSE such a flip-flop.

So I stand by my claim that Michael DOES have a moral imperative to maintain the free and open debate format that has been the glue of dp's unifying influence.