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The problem is

too many contradictions have been added to US Code and the Constitution that contradict the US Constitution.

The 16th Amendment abridges Art 1 Sec 2 with regards to indirect taxes. Where once a State was required to match its Representation with an equal % of taxes, now States are rewarded for excessive populations. They get the additional Representation and instead of paying more in taxes, they get more in Federal Welfare.

The 16th abridges the 13th, which is unnecessary as it is a KNOWN/GIVEN under a Rule of Law. The ability to tax one's Income, is the ability to indirectly force participation in services that do not benefit the individual, but rather others. That is Involuntary Servitude.

The Federal Reserve Note and Bank are Unconstitutional. The Power to coin money lays SOLELY in the hands of Congress. It is vested/nontransferable.

And the list goes on. Check out the Bill of Rights. I can only find one that is not seriously infringed upon by the host of Anti-Terrorism Agencies and Acts.

Even if one accepts them, look up the term Terrorism. An act invoked to instill fear to bring about political change. That seems like a full time job for the Feds both here and abroad.