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Ah, now I see that the book

Ah, now I see that the book you are referring to is an expanded form of some essays he wrote a few years back, which I read.

I made notes on those essays at the time, and might try to dig them up in my archives at some point.

From memory, I remember that the two biggest holes in his logic were that he is ignoring state-driven violence and especially implicit violence. Some of his historical data is dubious too.

I've downloaded a copy and will look through it when I have time.

Even if it were true that violence HAD lessened under democracies, do you realise that still doesn't make it morally right?

Actually, no, the biggest thing he ignores is the possibility of future consentient community paradigms where violence almost doesn't exist.

Even if we are to grant him that his historical readings are fully accurate (they're not) and that the current situation is the least violent ever (it's not), then it still wouldn't alter the fact that what happens now is MORALL indefensible and can yet be improved on.