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Web Graphics

"Listen, I'm not attacking you out of hate. I'm sharing, albeit out of frustration for how you are ostensibly concerned with freedom, yet nearly every you do undermines that cause.",/I.

How do you know what I do?

"If someone you knew wanted to grow their hair long, yet every time you saw them they had a different style of crew cut, yet went around saying "Someday I want to have long hair, it's gonna be cool", wouldn't you at least offer them an insight into where they are going wrong'

Do you mean 'cool' as in 'not hot' and they were making an error in judgement? If so, I would make a determination whether or not the guy was of sound mind and willing to change. Then I would make a judgement whether or not it was my business or whether it would be something I would regret telling him like if he was planning a hike through the Sahara and could die or similar circumstance. At that point I would, with no reservations, tell him.

I have absolutely NO idea where you are going with that.

I think you could keep the same banner theme (ancient Asian) but get a furious Ghengis Kahn bust in place of the Buddhas and arrows could be spattered around randomly with no rhyme or reason to their placement. You could have a misty obscured Wallpaper of a dusty scene of the Mongol Hordes savagely stampeding a small village with lots of blood and gore visible.