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You don't...

...seem to understand that without theism, there really is no such thing as personal autonomy and individuality.

If Person, Love, Reason, etc. exist as fundamental reality, more fundamental than the physical universe, then the entire cosmos is infused with eternal meaning, and you are actually a real individual person. It's very Platonic: the idea of the idealized 'you' existed first in the Forms (Mind of God), and the Word spoke to actually bring you into existence from that idea. Now you are on a journey of growth to become not less individual, but more so. If you shake your fist at the Light and Love that is your source and insist on leaving it, you will find darkness and hate and have your growth stalled by your own action, in that you are distorting and denying yourself being in sync with the fundamental reality. This is not a cosmic dictator's action, it is just reality -- I AM that I AM. As you embrace the Love and Light, as you become more His, you will find that you also become more your own, more free as you grow into the idealized 'you'. Rejecting that process (reality) will stunt your growth, and you will find the outer darkness, lies, etc. to which you will be enslaved.

If you do not accept theism but accept the idea of 'no God', then this means that the physical universe (or some quantum mechanical system from which it arises) is fundamental reality, and person, love, reason, individuality are all illusions, just passing vapors, like a cloud that would appear to be a sailing ship but isn't. There is only rearrangement of dead stuff: no meaning, no purpose, an absurdity. There is no real 'you'. Line up Shakespeare's brain next to Hitler's brain next to Jefferson's brain next to Mao's: where is the true sense of right or wrong in that picture? There is none. It's all just rearrangement of grey matter that deterministically rearranged other matter and energy. Ultimately, the Mona Lisa is no better than the Holocaust; the Declaration is no better than the killing fields. All just rearrangements of meaningless stuff, which is here today, gone tomorrow -- with no individual, autonomous 'you' ever being more than an illusion.

Of the two axiomatic philosophies before you, theism is the one which gives reality and meaning to the individual.

The only other option, really, boils down to nihilism, where a real 'you' as true person with true Love, is a fiction.