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They won't change without us

If we don't show up, they win and nothing will change. 90% of the battle is showing up. If we have the numbers, eventually, we will win. we won't win overnight. We must start at the bottom, changing the representation of our districts, then counties, then states and finally changing the RNC who can then pick a new leader. Several states have done this.

Corrupt leaders can delay this inevitable change, but if we give up, their delaying tactics will succeed.

With everyone's on this board help, we can change the GOP from the bottom up. As others have alluded, the Republicans are extremely weak. They have not only turned away members of the Liberty Movement, others have left because of the corruption and the failures of the RNCs last two picks. The rules changes at the last Convention have upset many long time republicans.

The GOP is ours for the taking if we show up. We must team up with Tea Party Republicans, Long Time Conservative Republicans, Right to Lifers on issues that we agree and put true conservatives into leadership. We can follow the lead of Ron Paul and form coalitions.

Make change at the local level first, Use issues to grow your networks. Remember that the collectivists have a solid lock on the Democratic party. That is the real battle we have to right.

I believe everyone must choose their own path towards Liberty, but I believe Ron Paul and Justin Amash have it right by working in the Republican Party. Help us turn the Liberty Movement into a Political Force by gaining power thru the Republican branch of our two party system.