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Yes. of course. that's exactly what I'm saying...

...I hate poor people and I think they don't matter. I mean wasn't that completely obvious from my comment?

C'mon the author didn't even talk about corporatism or how the wealth was made legally or illegally and neiether did I.

That was sort of my point, the author isn't really getting to any real facts about these root causes. He seems to just be saying the balance of wage distirbution is unfair and people need to make it more fair Tbut in a way that we don't refer to as "Socialism".

BTW - I agree that the poor and middle class are the ones suffering most from inflation, crony capitalism and all these gubbermint programs that were supposedly designed to help them. I epathize with the fact that most of us are suffering because we were convinced to support (or passively sit by) and allow leviathan to grow to the monstrosity it has become today. Hopefully we can help others see through the class warfare and fairness rhetoric to understand sound econmics and liberty.