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Comment: Hater to Proponent, Why?

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Hater to Proponent, Why?

Tell us why you went from a Bitcoin Hater to a Bitcoin Proponent?

What drew me to Bitcoin was the technology behind it, I have a fundamental understanding of encryption and computer security and found that it was a secure protocol and even if the encryption was broken it would generally not allow someone to take someone else's Bitcoins unless they changed the way the standard Bitcoin client works.

I like gold and silver like most of the users on here and even toyed with the idea of creating a bitcoin clone backed with silver or gold but after much legal expense realized it would not be secure from government seizure or court orders so I tossed the idea for now.

I left the United States back in 2010, renounced my U.S. citizenship, paid my expatriation tax and haven't regretted it once.

I wish everyone on here good luck, but I won't be posting again.