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((((( Granger )))))

Why do you pick on me so much? Do I not support you when you do your thing? Do I not support the right people, such as JUSTIN AMASH who is On The Horizon, Massie, Ron Paul, and you know who [fill in the blank]? Do I not drive state to state, under and over bridges, through snow and rain and pot-holed roads, proudly displaying my r3VOLution car badge (it's a hands-free sign-wave!)? Do I not attend shill-filled meetings, numorous gun shows and other events, discussing and handing out thousands of important literature? Do I not mention HOT-WINGS every chance that I get?

Get this straight right now, young lady: gop = grand old party, one of which you hold very dear. My goal is to replace gop and those in it with gnp. That, in case you do not know = grand NEW party. You can mark my words, it will be done.

I am not part of the solution. I AM the solution.


So, can we online kissy kissy make up? Or do you want (((( Nonna )))) to step in and discipline us both!

Edit: Yep, I one-up'd you again with this post, lol

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul