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I Disagree On The Shorts

First off, I should say that I *DO NOT* believe the official story. However, I disagree w/ your interpretation about the short sellers being the "smoking gun". Why? Because even if the official story is true, there would still be people (the people who funded/planned the job) who knew on 9/10/2001 that there were going to be hijackings the next day. Couldn't they have shorted the airline stocks?

If you want a smoking gun, I still say WTC 7 and the Pentagon lawn. And the wargames that occurred on 9/11. And the fact that the planes were hijacked for an hour without there being any defense planes to track them down. And the "stand down" order to NORAD from Dick Cheney. And the fact that they carted away the steel and shipped it off to China without investigating it. And the fact that NIST didn't test for explosives. And the fact that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. And the "free fall" of the buildings. I'll just stop there.