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The planes were a cover for the demolition.

The planes hitting the buildings with a ball of fire provided the "reason" for the buildings to collapse, and the third plane that was supposed to hit WTC7 never made it due to brave Americans on the Flight who brought it down before it could make it to NY. There are many reasons to debunk the government conspiracy and cover up and I do not have time to mention them all, but here are a few to consider and need to be presented to the sheep.
1. Massive amounts of molten steel in the rubble, when jet fuel cannot get hot enough to melt steel.Since when does molten steel occur in a building collapse?
2. News media at BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 10 to 20 minutes before it actually collapsed.
3. The owner of the WTC complex being awarded $7 Billion from an ant-terrorist insurance policy (with a double indemnity terrorist clause inserted into it) bought months before the attack, after he was informed that he was going to have to perform asbestos abatement on the twin towers as required by the EPA that would cost millions of dollars.
4. Twin Towers and WTC7 collapse at near free fall speed, meaning there is no resistance to the collapsing building (Classic Demolition)
and last but not least, the only other reason -- In an attempt to prove that the buildings were not wired for demolition, citizens requested the work permits for the buildings to see who was in the buildings working on elevators, maintenance, etc, but could not get the infomation due to officials saying the information is "a matter of National Security" and not available to the public. What would you think about this when this information would disprove without a doubt (or Prove) that the buildings were demolished!!
You be the judge, and join the AE911 for truth members calling for a new investigation of the 9/11 conspiracy!

an AE911 engineer