Comment: The First Amendment states

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The First Amendment states

The First Amendment states Congress shall make no law restricting freedom of expression. The 14th amendment incorporates that to the states. And the Supreme Court has provided limits.

I'm not calling for any government censorship. I don't believe that should happen.

I'm asking libertarians who think this site has been hijacked by Nazis to fight back.

All the comments on this site make libertarians look awful to people discovering Ron Paul and libertarianism. If the Daily Paul was my first glimpse into liberty, I would associate the movement with collectivist bigots.

In addition, to pre-empt any crazy comments, I'm not a shill for anyone. I'm not a "sheeple". I don't think there are grand conspiracies, I don't like Glenn Beck, and I'm not anything other than a lifelong libertarian dude in Miami.

After reading most of these comments, I really feel like Nystrom has let this site be overrun. It's a huge disservice to Dr. Paul, libertarians working within the GOP, and the liberty movement in general.