Comment: The issue is with this clown,

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The issue is with this clown,

The issue is with this clown, not TED. You do the TED talk to try and better the community, to get your knowledge out there, NOT TO MAKE A BUCK!

You wanna make a killing? Create your own platform, market it like crazy and then away you go!!!

The guy wasn't forced by gun point to do anything... now he's bitching and complaining like a little girl... pathetic! Moreover, I'll bet no one forced him to go to the cocktail parties, the talks yes, but I'll bet all the parties were optional.

Remember, there are two sides to every story, plus this guy is wearing a Budweiser label shirt... just some slacker Cali boy who doesn't want to be responsible to anyone but himself!

I love Joe, but he gives a voice to some of the biggest clowns sometimes....