Comment: I've done a bit over 150 ft.

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I've done a bit over 150 ft.

although at an amusement park (probably about 20 times) and people look like ants. Same model. Luckily it seems there was no people at the bottom in the video. That's the scariest part. Seeing stuff to scale.

I would do it in a heartbeat though, would probably need some liquid courage. 400 feet, awesome. So long as people aren't milling about in the valley. 400 ft vs 150 ft visually probably not too much of a difference unless there is some point of reference. Scary no matter what.

I got my son to jump with me a couple times at 150 ft. He says it feels like being superman. He was frightened for the first second or two of freefall the first time though.

Nothing makes one feel more liberated and alive than jumping off a cliff or from thin air knowing you will be safe but the body stating otherwise. Then you want to do it again, bigger if you can. Adrenaline is the best drug ever if used properly.

When I was a teenager we used to jump off a cliff almost 30 feet high into the water. If you landed on your back in the water it would knock the wind right out of you. So we kept people in the water. One time I did have to grab the ring.

Great video and follow up.