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Comment: Why I pick on ((((PAF)))))

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Why I pick on ((((PAF)))))

I pick on you because I would like to be on a committee with you, so I figure others would also like to have you on a committee and running grassroots on convention floors for organizations like Republican Liberty Caucas. It's not that I don't admire you for the work you do, it's just that, from where I am now, there's much more you can accomplish from inside... and it wouldn't stop you from what you aklready do, it just enpowers you to do it better.

I do not hold the GOP very dear. I am new to the GOP because I understood Ron Paul say we had a fight going on in there, and he is correct, and it's a good fight.

As for this New party.. Obama was vetted in The New Party, the Neocons are a New Party that infiltraited both parties and has the GPP in the controlled demolation because they want a NWO corporate global controlled government, and so you are saying you are with those who are tearing down the republic?