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You can criticize elements of

You can criticize elements of the Jewish faith that you disagree with. You can disagree with Jewish customs that you don't like. Maybe you are opposed to circumcision, or think that it's bullcrap that they don't eat shellfish. You can complain that they have long beards, that they have those weird curly hair things near their ear.

You can complain about the influence of the AIPAC lobby, about Ben Bernanke, about the CEO of Wells-Fargo, about Israeli's policies toward Iran and Syria, about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, about the West Bank settlements, about the war in Lebanon in the 80s.

You can complain that it's unfair that Jews on the whole (not all) have been successful in America, that they live in the awful NY/NJ/CT area. Whatever you feel like.

As to why they are constantly kicked out, I have already attempted an answer. When they have been kicked out, it was by governments, not the average person. And most of the time throughout history that have been trapped and prevented from leaving. They have mostly been slaves of other nations. More recently they are perceived as a threat to the elite.

The Federal Reserve is mainly owned by the major Wall Street banks. I'm not sure how you measure whether a bank is Jewish or not. Some have Jewish CEOs. Does that make them Jewish in your book? The majority of shareholders are other institutions, if you track down the wealth all the way down the line it's probably in the hands of Christians because the vast majority of the richest Americans are Christian.