Comment: They didn't use planes, they used media fakery....

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They didn't use planes, they used media fakery....

The point of manufacturing fake plane impacts was just for the drama and theater.

These manufactured hollywood style events become ingrained in the minds of the masses. It doesn't have to be logical. It doesn't have to be scientific. It just has to be believed by 51% of the public or even less.

Who cares if an aluminum framed plane shouldn't be able to defy Newton's third law of motion and melt into a concrete reinforced steel building? Who cares if a commercial jetliner can't be controlled at 500+mph much less travel more than a couple hundred mph at sea-level without shaking & breaking apart because of the thick density of air at sea-level? Who cares that the plane engines created no smoke & fire vortices on impact? Who cares if the various video images of the planes all look different and show them flying in from different angles with one video even showing a wing disappear in certain frames? Who cares if the only video supposedly caught for the first plane impact looks like some weird flying metal blob? Who cares that if two such plane impacts were to happen it couldn't possibly collapse three entire concrete reinforced steel buildings much less one? Who cares if 85%+ of the roughly three thousand supposed victims are not in the Social Security Death index and half of those listed in the SSDI are from five organizations: military, NY Police & Fire, the NY Port Authority, Marsh Mclennan and Cantor Fitzgerald (a psyop financial services front company whose business units are probably largely made up)?

Anyways the whole point is just to shock the people. Military intelligence doesn't worry too much about it being logical, scientific, or even believable. They do want to make their operations clean and easy so they probably wanted to minimize deaths. They wouldn't want thousands of real victim family members hounding them for the truth, plus all the actors in these operations would probably feel a tiny bit of remorse. Hence, they just used the media & actors in intelligence to fake the event, shock the world, and continue to perpetuate the fake story. It seems to have worked so far. It's been over 11 years already? Heck they continue to perpetuate media fakery and hoaxes with Sandy Hook etc. Good thing is slowly, but surely more people are catching on to what's going on.

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Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos