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I Have Seriously Considered

dumping DP over this matter. I thought people here were more awake, enlightened and educated and basically more in touch with nature than the mindless masses out there. I posted an article about how wild horses were being rounded up and killed in herds by helicopter and I expected outrage but got nada response. Then there was a post about horsemeat in meatballs and again no outrage. Instead there was only comments saying how good horses tasted. Not just horses but also cats, dogs, parrots and anything else on the planet. (with the exception of humans naturally so they said as if we are so far above all else on the planet) I had really hoped that people on DP were more in tune with the world beyond human kind but found out that they are in fact just as hopelessly programmed as all the other sheeple out there thinking that man has the god given right to eat, pillage, and exploit the whole natural world. I commend you for concern about the horses but don't expect much caring from the calloused self serving humans here.