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Nobody knows you

Therefore your input is not in 'context'.

Despite the fact there are no dead bodies, no mass grave sites, no where near the crematoria ovens and no proof that merely pouring cyclone b pellets through a hole in the roof will kill the people inside the gas chamber, and just plain NO EVIDENCE except the testimony of highly paid communist Jews, and highly tortured Nazi officials, and no chance of getting back in front of the dissemination of information relating to this topic, AIPAC shills continue their Quixotic quest to put the genie back in the bottle.

Yep fact 1 the entire phony Jew, phony holocau$t depends on the Auschwitz gas chamber story. This fact is true because there is no evidence of other extermination camps, or even work camps, where the Holocaust lobby claims they were located.

The holocau$t story is dead.