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I respect that.


A lot of folks (many of them posting on this thread) think that people with different moral beliefs are "the enemy." Atheists often think of religious people as superstitious fools, while secretly envying their moral certainty. Religious folk often think of atheists as immoral damned souls, while secretly wondering if faith is REALLY superior to reason, as a means of knowledge. Insecurity breeds antagonism, on both sides.

It's unfortunate, because people on both sides of the issue are mostly decent, well-meaning folk. Peaceful, freedom-loving people who deal with one another voluntarily, by trade, love or charity, are the civilized folk who make it worthwhile to live among our fellow men. Religious folk who live by the Golden Rule, and unreligious folk who live by the Non-Aggression Principle have infinitely more in common with one another than either has in common with folk who believe in the "religion" of mass murder and institutionalized theft called "government."

The common enemy of liberty-loving folk of all moral persuasions is not some religious or anti-religious group; it is people -- people of all faiths or of no faith -- who believe that initiating coercion is ethically proper, in some "good cause." Personally, I tend to doubt the goodness of any cause that requires evil means for its achievement. Those who steal and murder are the enemies of freedom and of civilization itself -- and the worst of them are the barbarians who have settled down to loot those they have enslaved, naming themselves "government."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition,