Comment: Interesting, but it can also be a fear tactic.

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Interesting, but it can also be a fear tactic.

It's good to be prepared and have emergency plans in case something like this really goes down. I will probably be joining all you guys in the gulag. I also think it's important not to get paralyzed with fear. I think spreading our liberty message remains the key to prevent the government from successfully implementing something like this.

I guess this document was somehow 'leaked', but I'm always skeptical of so-called leaks. After skimming the contents it uses words like 'humane' treatment of prisoners several times so it reads like a propaganda piece to make these camps seem acceptable. It may lead people to think of these camps as necessary evils that the angelic government must create for the 'general welfare' and 'common good' of America. Oh wells.. If it is a stealth propaganda piece, maybe they really are pushing to implement this citizen relocation/detention camp idea.

Either way the best defense is spreading the liberty message as far and wide as possible.

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