Comment: ☠ Disposal of Indigent Bodies ☠

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☠ Disposal of Indigent Bodies ☠

Along these lines I found something really disturbing while skimming through a local county bid solicitation list. It was called 'Disposal of Indigent Bodies'.

The county is requesting bids for the disposal of bodies. I looked through it and the bid schedule has and estimated annual quantities by certain items such as infants (less than six months), children (6 months to 2 years), and adults (over 2). What was strange was that it also had bid items for either cremation and disposal at sea, or embalming and burial.

Even if the County in question had to dispose of some bodies, which in my estimation would be no more than 6, why embalm and bury? If there was a request for this wouldn't the requester pay for it?

If I knew how to post the bid schedule, I would.