Comment: This is propeganda

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This is propeganda

It's obvious the students are reading the oath for the first time, and they are out partying, had a few drinks, and are having a great time, are happy, LOVE where they are. They are under the influence and I enjoyed seeing the LOVE they have for Israel, unlike so many Americans who claim they LOVE America, but spew HATE all day about it.

I'm not making any excuses for the student's loyalties, but rather disapproving of the method they are revealed, in that if it was titled, "Come to Israel, You'll LOVE it".. those who don't LOVE Israel, wouldn't bother, but rather this title is to upset those who HATE Israel, and LOVE America despite all their HATE about it...such as duel citizenship, which to me, is Jealousy more than anything.

Another thingthat was very clear in the video was the freedom the students enjoyed compared to the police state America has become, and not because of ir for Israel, but because of the HATE that perpetuates fear.