Comment: Personally I find it funny that you are still so naive

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Personally I find it funny that you are still so naive

to think that we can reclaim a republic that never really existed in the first place. Perhaps you think that we can return to the constitution which in fact is the framework for our enslavement and is fully in force now. Let's see here, the constitution gives the government power to lay taxes and to borrow money to create militias and to provide welfare. Just what part of that are we missing in our constitutional republic?

You are a slave and your children will be slaves. You let your so called rights fall by the wayside without once using your 2nd amendment right to defend those rights and now you are angry at everyone else. The Bill of Rights is just a pacifier for the populace anyway and has no real value. And now that the last Amendment is about to fall everyone is up in arms when they should have been using that Amendment to protect the others. The 2nd Amendment was suppose to be the teeth that gave power to the amendments yet it turns out they were false teeth the whole time.

You have been taught from birth that violence solves nothing while the whole time you have been enslaved by those who use violence to gain what they want and now you want to sign petitions and vote to regain your non existent freedoms. What a quagmire of emotion, illusion and lies we live in. Open your eyes to reality. The best you can hope for is the "second coming" or thermonuclear war. It's too late for anything else.