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I was spooked, too, and this was before 911

After a week spent w/my children fishing at a lake near the border, before heading home we decided to cross into Canada, mostly just to be able to say we'd been there. Then, when I was asked by the guard if I had any of the verboten items on this long list he read - guns, knives, explosives, drugs, etc. - I made the mistake of admitting I did. Pepper spray. It was this tiny and likely useless can I kept in the glove compart-ment. (I think I picked it up one time where I get my oil changed.) They made me park and go into the immigration bldg, where I was asked numerous questions by someone behind a thick plexiglass window while a guard stood at the door. I then had to repeat everything in writing: identify myself, state my plans, acknowledge that I'd "surrendered" a contraband item... My youngest (then in elementary school) had come in with me. With each new set of forms pushed through the hole, I'd give him a little smile and roll my eyes. Really, it was taking forever. I stopped smiling when suddenly and for no apparent reason, I was escorted into a back room where the metal door was closed, and I was asked who the boy was. I was then ASKED IF I HAD PROOF THAT HE WAS MY CHILD. Once I was allowed to leave, I couldn't get back on American soil soon enough. Au revoir, au Canada, pour toujours!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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