Comment: Of course it is not was it used to be

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Of course it is not was it used to be

we dont have a rallying point and purpose. That will soon change. The mid term elections will start up and people will start focusing again.
I am not an activist - plain and simple. I have very little tolerance for politicians and do not have the termperment to get up and speak to these people.
Does that mean I do nothing. No. I use every chance I get to spread Ron Pauls name and his ideas.
You also have to realize - some of us live in places where -sorry to say - it is not going to matter.
As you can tell from my name - I live in CT. Whoever the dems pick is who is getting elected here - plain and simple. All the activism in the world isn't changing that. When a billionaire business woman gets crushed by an assclown who has accomplished zero in life, shows up for a debate in a suit that looks like he just pulled it out of his older brothers closet(off the floor at that)and basically is a tool - what good do you think will come from activism?

Do nothing? Just because it is not what you do - doesn't make it nothing.

Also consider that the number of complaining posts is at an all time high as well - which isn't accomplishing much either.