Comment: Because many folks here misunderstood RP policies.

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Because many folks here misunderstood RP policies.

Our folks somehow trusted neo-cons, AIPAC and the media. When the latter attacked Ron Paul for not supporting Israel, our folks assumed that Ron Paul and Libertarian policies will in fact make Israel weaker. Veterans with stress syndrome, Blue Republicans, and populists of all kind poured in as new "Libertarians." Some even cried in humility and hope on tape.

Gradually they realized that neo-cons and AIPAC do not serve the interests of Israel. The US aid only promotes local socialism there and makes Israel weak and dependable. On the other hand, Rand Paul, Cruz, Lee and others openly support the right of Israel to exist with defensible borders. That was a watershed. Today, our "Libertarians" would rather elect Hagel as president than Rand Paul. Free-market capitalism interest them the least.

Liberty cannot die. It comes from human reason. Flag of liberty is simply relocating to Tea Party, Glenn Beck's audience and others.