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I agree--

support other liberty-minded people, try to keep those who want to 'eradicate' those they see as cancers (whether they are a different color or a different religion or just have different ideas; why is one kind of violence better than another? I'm not talking about defense; I am talking about offense; it is never justifiable)--

from doing it--

I am beginning to see division and tribalism. Some good friends of ours came to visit us the other night; they might be beginning to wake up, but they still see other races as a threat (YIKES!; I thought they were more . . . open-minded), and, honestly, I am afraid of the whole 'mob' concept, the whole scapegoating concept, the whole 'lynch 'em up, and we'll feel better' mentality--

There ARE evil people, but most of the time *we* spend our energy shouting at the innocent people--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--